The Illyrian Adventure

Lloyd Alexander

Cover of The Illyrian Adventure

Rank: F
No. Times Read: 1
Last Read: Summer, 1997

Author Name: Lloyd Alexander

Review: I’m embarrassed to admit that I read this book. But, I did, so I have to put it up here. Have to. Why, I don’t know. Anyway, I’d just finished reading the last of the pretentiously named Prydain Cycle by Alexander, so I thought, “Gee, did he ever write anything else any good?” As fate would have it, this book was at a library book sale. Twenty-five cents later, I was on my way to adventure—or so I thought! [Read on to see if I was actually on my way to adventure!]

As it turns out, I was not, actually, on my way to adventure. Instead, I found myself reading an insufferably mediocre book about a girl who goes to Turkey, for some reason, back in the 1870s. The book moves seamlessly from one stereotypical adventure to another, like a slot car on a slot car track, set upon a “colorful” backdrop with “colorful” characters that are little more than racist colonial caricatures, as if the book had been written in the 1870s, and not about the 1870s. As I neared the end of this book, I kept looking up to make sure there wasn’t someone watching me, pointing and laughing.

This is obviously not a book to read for one’s own pleasure. At the same time, though, I wouldn’t recommend it for children, either, simply because it’s just not as good as other books of a similar vein by different authors. On the bright side, though, if the author was able to make money on this book, there’s hope for us all in the wide world of publishing.

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